Rival Summers – LP3 Kickstarter

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Rival Summers has always been one of my favorite bands. Throughout highschool, their songs were my anthem. In college, Leo and Sam (Lead Singer and Drummer) became some of my closest friends. It was an honor to be able to work on this project.

The kickstarter goal was to raise $10,000. And we did it.

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How we did it:

We spent a lot of time figuring out a marketing plan and how we were going to communicate this goal to the committed Rival Summers fan base. Out of the gate we decided to frame it as a Pre-Order. The songs we’re already recorded, they just needed to be mixed and mastered. We also wanted to recoup the cost of recording in the process. We worked together to find products and services that Rival Summers could offer in return for different donation increments.

Being the math nerd I am, I figured out what percentage of profit we would need to actually pull off all of the inventory we would have to purchase and ship to everyone who donated, and still have enough over to cover the costs of the project.

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The video:

I’ve been filming Rival Summers on and off for the past couple of years. When they came to me to do this video, I was finally able to put it all together. We spent a lot of time figuring out the “feel” or “vibe” so to speak, that we wanted the video to give off. Overall we wanted it to feel authentic, and to feel like this is an opportunity to partner with Rival Summers. The last thing we wanted it to feel like is a generic “give me money because I need it” speech. We wanted it to feel like this album was happening whether or not you donated, but if you do donate, you’ll be apart of something that will positively affect the lives of lots of people! We also targeted this video at the long time fans of Rival Summers. The people the just “get it.” We were surprised to find that lots of people who hadn’t even heard of Rival Summers before donated! We’re not exactly sure why that happened, but we’re glad it did!

How the video was made:

This was all shot with Canon DSLRs and Edited in Final Cut X. The song was provided by Rival Summers, but I added the ambient pad and drum hits that open the video using a key of G pad I found online and the drums that are built into Garage Band. I also ended the song differently than it naturally ends to give it the feel that I wanted. All of that was done in Garage Band. When it was finished, I ran it though Adobe SpeedGrade to give it that film look. For some reason, throwing that type of filter over a video makes it seem that much more genuine and authentic. Not to mention the colors look awesome!