On Purpose – Series Elements

Design, Heritage Church, Video

Series Graphic:

In most instances, I love clean design. Sometimes simple says it better. I made this in Photoshop.


Series Bumper Video:

This one was fun! Anytime you sit on the back of your boss’ car with a camera to film, you’re going to have fun. This was all me, Filming and Editing. Shot with my Canon 7D, and edited with Final Cut Pro X. Color Corrected with Adobe Speedgrade.

It’s kind of a funny story, but this video was conceptualized 5 hours before we shot it. Our late night creative meeting was coming to a close and it was almost midnight when we came up with the idea… so we sent out a few text messages, found someone to film, went home to sleep for a few hours and got up at 5 to film! I didn’t have a problem getting up, I was excited for this one. (If only I had a camera stabilizer… oh well. haha!)


Series 3 Screen Bumper:

Our main auditorium has 3 screens attached side to side to create a triple wide video effect. This is the bumper video we used at our main campus to use the triple wide screen to its full potential.

I especially love the 3 screen version. It seems so much more cinematic! It looked epic stretched across 40ft of screen!