No Excuses – Commercial

Commercial, Heritage Church, Video

No Excuses – 30 Second Ad


This commercial is one of my favorites that I’ve had the chance to work on. Initially, the idea “No Excuses” – having to do with people not wanting to go to church – seemed a little… judgmental. I wasn’t really behind it, but when the boss says make a video, you do what you can to make it work. I decided to make it goofy, so that it didn’t carry the “holier than thou” attitude that it could have, if done wrong. And that’s not Heritage Church; we’re the furthest thing from judgmental. We have “No perfect people allowed” signs on all the entrances to the building. So, it was also about keeping Heritage true to what it stands for.

I did the story boards, pitched the idea to my boss and he went for it!

I assembled a volunteer team and we went to start shooting!

This video was filmed on a Canon 6D with Canon 28-70 2.8L glass and audio was captured using a Tascam field recorder and a boom mic. The commercial was edited in Final Cut Pro, and the into was done in After Effects.

All-in-all, this project took between 25-35 hours to complete. Not bad in my opinion!