Children’s Tumor Foundation Benefit – Opening Video / Prop Design

3D, Animation, Design, Story, Video

Opening Video:


This video was done using a combination of stop-motion, 2D, and 3D animation. All together it created a mixed media piece that ended up looking pretty cool!

I was one of the 3 animators on this project. I also helped with the shooting of the stop-motion and keying out all of the traditional stop-motion scenes.

I also spent some time rigging up 3D fish for the other animators to work with. I spent a lot of my time doing the tedious work, like figuring out swim cycles, looping sheets (waves) and figuring out a creative way to make bubbles.

Overall this project was a huge learning experience and was super fun to create something in a medium that we rarely seen done or get to work in.


Prop Design:

I also was in charge of some prop design for pivotal moments of the story. I designed the Benefit Map and the book cover shown in the beginning.


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